• Student licenses shall be maintained by the authorized driving school which issued the student
    license, except when the student licensee is receiving driver training instruction.
  • The student license must be maintained in the immediate possession of the student licensee while
    receiving driver training instruction.
  • Student licenses are only valid at the driving school which issued the student license.  They are not
    transferable to another authorized driving school.
  • Pass a vision and hearing test administered by an authorized driving instructor.
Student License
You do not have a permit and would like to start driving
now, you may!  Camellok Driving School has the
authority to issue "Student License" to qualified
applicants. With a student license, you may drive with
our driving school prior to obtaining your learner permit.  
To qualify for a student license, Please note the
  • Student licenses can be issued to applicants 15
    years of age or older.  However, a student license
    cannot be issued to applicants under the ages of
    17 years and six months unless the applicant
    can show proof of enrollment in, or satisfactory
    completion of an approved driving course in driver
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