Our 30 hours driver education course is as outlined by the California DMV. Information in this course will
assist student to set up a good foundation for behind-the-wheel driver’s training. The course is divided into 22
chapters. At the end of each chapter, there is a quiz. It is mandatory to pass 75% of the quiz in order to
score for the final exam is 75%. The course does not expire. Once you have passed the final exam, you will
receive a DMV recognized Certificate of Completion of Driver Education by mail.
Camellok Online Driver Education (CODE) is a fully approved online driver education course by the
California DMV. CODE offers students unique flexibility. In addition to being less expensive than traditional
classroom courses, CODE allows drivers to learn and enjoy driver education on the web – right from their
own computer, making it ideal for students who can't get away for classes or activities during specific hours.
How it work?
Course features and chapters outline:
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22 chapters outline:
2. Signs, Signals and Highway Markings
3. Driving Is Your Responsibility
4. The Driver
5. Natural Laws and Driving an Automobile
6. Defensive Driving
7. Accidents - Causation & Avoidance
8. Safety Equipment Use & Cost of Ownership
9. Established Speed Laws
10. Interacting at Intersections
11. Proper Lane Use
12. Passing
13. Backing Up Safely
14. Driving in Hazardous Conditions
15. Demands of City Driving
16. Demands of Freeway Driving
17. Demands of Driving on Open Roadways
18. Driver Responsibilty
19. Effects of Alcohol and Drugs
20. Acquiring a California Driver's License
21. Licensing Control Measures
22. Final Exam
Driver Education
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