Driving Lesson
If you already have your driving provisional permit,
you can
schedule driving lesson with us now. Our 6
hours driving lessons are spread out into three days
with 2 hours each. We have well designed
lesson program to guide you through starting from
the very basic. Our training are well structured,
logical and tailored to every individual needs
because student's learning ability varies.
Our students who had completed our driving training had been highly trained to deal with any situation on
the road. Our instructors are very patient. Our teaching methods are cool and logical. We do not believe in
shouting, screaming or belittling. We always ensure a relax atmosphere to learn by building your
confidence. Our purpose is to prepare you for any circumstances that you might face as a driver. Ultimately,
you will have a safe and defensive approach toward driving.
Hi teens!  California DMV requires that anyone under the age of
18 is required to take special training courses. These special
training would be given in two parts:

Part I    
Driver Education    (30 hours theory study)
Part II    
Driving Lesson      (6 hours behind the wheels)
Camellok Driving School believes in safe driving.
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